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    I believe Guthrie’s ERA @ Coors Field was over 9……

  • Keystonepaul

    blogs like that do us (royals fans) no good and do a lot of damage to the thinking of Glass, Moore, etc.  Settle, Settle, Settle- NO, NO, NO!!!!!  that is not a winning projected starting pitching staff if ever there wasn’t one.  Rushing guys like Hochevar stunting him- sure, but not having an ace with a solid psyche, philosophy and execution of it all on the team hurts just as much, if not Moore (ha,ha)- each and every day of the MLB season.  please don’t do us Royals fans any favors by columns like this – it cracks our hearts and gives Glass, Moore and company reassurrance that what they are doing is OK- as in OK to do and accepted by fans. Neither is true.  Sorry but if you want to own an MLB Team you’ve got to spend some money.  get us an ace AND sign the folks you talked about in your column- we still won’t be orbitting in Yankee budget space doing so- we’ll have a competitive budget with a competitive product on the field.  It’s time to stop extolling the virtues of  month and  a half periods of good play somewhere in season or pointing out a two month period of poor play as the only thing that kept us from being competitive.  this column and the Royals have played us for putzes too long.