MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Kansas City Royals

Are the Kansas City Royals Buying or Selling?

We are a few weeks away from the trade deadline and there has been some speculation about whether the Royals will be going out to bring in a solid starting pitcher, or selling for the future.

The Royals have played just decent enough to stick around in a weak AL Central that has yet to uncover its true contender. Does this mean the Royals have a shot to be that team? It’s possible, but highly unlikely. You’ve got to ask yourself the simple questions first.

Can the Royals offense stay somewhat consistent in supporting a below average injury riddled starting rotation?

Is Ned Yost even capable of coaching a playoff team?

Can the bullpen hold up during the second half after faltering in recent weeks?

Will the Royals be bold enough to surround anybody brought in with our best talent that is currently basking in the Omaha sun?

I heard the comments about us still being in the race, but how can a team who is “contending” trot out the same awful pitchers every week and expect to win? Sanchez, Chen and Hochevar all rest in the top 12 of worst ERAs in baseball (Sanchez is #1).

Before the Kansas City Royals and Dayton Moore even think about buying at the deadline, they need to make some moves within their own organization first.

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