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Baseball Nation Loves the Royals, Hates the Rotation

As the season gets closer and closer, I seem to be reading more and more articles suggesting the Royals may actually contend for a playoff sp0t in 2012.

The problem, as ALWAYS brought to light, the starting pitching rotation leaves a lot to be desired.

Jeff Saukaitis asks the same questions:

Can the Kansas City Royals find enough pitching to contend for a playoff spot?

Kansas City’s offense is ready for prime time, but its pitching probably is not. Unless Luke Hochevar, Felipe Paulino and former San Francisco Giants left-hander Jonathan Sanchez finally find consistency, and unless young Danny Duffy takes a big step forward, the Royals will find it tough to compete with favored Detroit in the AL Central.

If the Royals are in contention at the trade deadline, it will be interesting to see if they’d consider dealing any of their younger minor-league prospects to add a proven rotation anchor.

Even the most extreme optimist must admit the validity of concern with this rotation. I completely understand the youth movement, but the Royals struck out, with a few foul balls (Jonathan Sanchez is a nice addition), when it came to improving the rotation for 2012… and Royals fans may be, once again, left thinking, “Just wait until next year.”

What are your thoughts on the Royals rotation?

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