• http://travis.pflanz.me Travis Pflanz

    Jeffery, welcome to Crown Crazed! I’m very happy to have a regular writer for the Blue Rocks.

    How cool would it be if MLB stadium let local colleges/high schools use their stadiums while they are on the road?!

    That is sad about Buddy.

  • Tom Backus

    Welcome Jeff! Looking forward to learning more about the Blue Rocks!

    You’ve got some mighty talented players down there… would love to hear your thoughts on Cuthbert, Eibner, Adam, Ventura, etc…

    Looking forward to it!

  • Jim Barr

    Hey Jeff,

    First off, I just want to say that ever since my kids were little, we’ve been going to Blue Rocks games, and never fail to have a good time!  Good baseball, a great park, lots of between innings fun, and you can’t beat the price for Box Seats!

    I’m a High School Coach in Delaware County, PA and was wondering who I contact to get information about playing at Frawley Stadium.  It sounds like a great opportunity for the kids to play on a beautifully manicured professional field.


    Jim Barr