• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000028513893 Katy Askeland on Facebook

    I just dropped him from my fantasy team. He is no more the answer for the Royals than Jonathan Sanchez was.

  • http://travis.pflanz.me Travis Pflanz

    If the Royals could get Beckett for next to nothing, I would be in favor of the move. Not that I really care how a team spends their money, just that they improve.

    I really doubt the Sox cut him though.

  • Michael Urriola

    True, but he still is 1000 times better than Hochevar.

  • John

    I love the idea. Fits the Royals and GMDMs way of doing things. Price has to come down though. He would easily be the 2nd best pitcher on this team. I bet Josh would love a change of atmosphere too. Wonder if they would do a swap for Hochever.

  • http://travis.pflanz.me Travis Pflanz

    If they would swap for Hoch and eat ~$15mil/year of his contract, I am all in favor of swapping.

  • troyolsen

    If they cut him Boston is on the hook for all of the contract. The player is then signed for league minimum but the player chooses where they want to go, if they want to go anywhere