Even South of the Border They Like the Royals

Only one more day until the Kansas City Royals open the 2012 season in Los Angeles (or is  it Anaheim? Who cares) against the Angels and Kansas City area native (kinda) Albert Pujols.

As I mentioned before, every time I read a season preview article, it seems as though the author really likes the Kansas City Royals.

Here is yet another Royals believer. This time from South of the Border:

For the first time since 1985, the Royals have a legitimate chance to compete  for a playoff spot and should be considered among the best young teams in  baseball. That reality can be attributed to a stocked farm system that has  produced key contributors for this season in first baseman Eric Hosmer and  pitchers Danny Duffy and Mike Montgomery.

The hype took a bit of a hit in spring training with injuries to Mexican  closer Joakim Soria, who will be out for the year with Tommy John Surgery, and  Venezuelan catcher Salvador Pérez, who was placed on the 60-day  DL. Luckily, there’s certainly enough talent on this roster to compete for a  Wild Card slot if the youngsters can consistently play at a high level  throughout the season.

Is all the hype around the Royals in 2012 deserved?

MLB Preview: American League Central | D.B. Mitchell / Fox News Latino

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