• http://travis.pflanz.me Travis Pflanz

    This topic was all over the radio yesterday.

    I’m not sure there are plenty of highly touted arms in the minor league system anymore. After the injuries last year, I don’t think anyone nationally or from within the organization believes pitching is the strength of the the system.

    That being said, every stud prospect still comes with the “unproven” tag attached, so you never know what you will get ultimately… Above all else, I would like to see the Royals make the playoffs.

    A VERY close 2nd place is seeing a Royals hitter break the pathetic team home run record of 36, set in 1985 by Steve Balboni. The Royals are the only organization whose team record is not more than 40.

    If Myers, Moose or Hosmer has the potential to break the team record… I do NOT want them to be traded.

    Give me the power potential!

  • http://www.lelandismimic.wordpress.com Leland Jones

    I remember them asking that question on the radio the other day, they wanted people to text in the name of the Royals homerun leader at 36. I stopped what I was doing and said no way Balboni still holds that. Just unbelievable!

    I would hope that Gordon, Myers and Francoeur could be our outfield. Cain could be a bust although he hasn’t shown many signs of that. Let’s just score some runs, whoever wants to drive them in is welcome

  • Mark Poulose

    The decision to give Jeff Francouer a two year contract, at the time, seemed smart. Myers was coming off the worst season of his career and look like he needed more seasoning in the minors. Now that Myers has his game together, we really need to get rid of him. He is simply not good.