Free Wil Myers? Not So Fast…

Even though Wil Myers is currently tearing the cover off the ball in the minor leagues, the need to make the move to bring him up currently is not there. While Myers stats show he is very capable of handling the pitching at the Triple A level with his triple slash at .321/.369/.718 with 8 home runs and 22 RBI’s. The big issue, and this is a good thing, is that Jeff Francoeur Alex Gordon, and Jarrod Dyson are currently entrenched at the pro level as the starting outfield. If Myers is going to be called up, he’s going to play every day and not ride the pine like Johnny Giovatella did earlier this season and a roster move will need to be made.

The final issue surrounding Myers call up, is the super two status. The super two status means that the player acquires arbitration eligibility after two years of service instead of the required three years.  Though the Royals upper management will vehemently deny this, the super two status for highly regarded prospects is always in the back of their minds. The Royals have shown that they will disregard the super two status when there is an obvious need for help at a certain position, see Hosmer, but with the current players entrenched in the outfield, there isn’t a demand for him to be called up.

So when can we expect to see Wil Myers called up. Barring any unforeseen injuries, I see the Royal’s calling up Myers sometime in the next 6 to 8 weeks.  When he does get called up, I fully expect that either Francoeur has been traded to a team that is in need of his defense and a right handed bat that can come off the bench or the Royals have moved Francoeur to center field. If the Royals move Frenchy to center, Myers will play right field on a full time basis and they will have Dyson coming off the bench.

Here’s the great thing about having all these issues with Myers. The Royals are officially starting to look like a professional baseball team. Any of the good contending teams have these issues on a regular basis. There is nothing wrong with having a legitimate back up playing in Triple A because as we’ve seen this season, injuries are a major part of baseball and having a serviceable backup within your organization that you can rely upon should injuries become an issue.

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  • Corey, Jarrod Dyson is awful. His triple slash is .265/.324/.311. He has 4 XBH in 132 MLB at bats. His defense in center, for all of his speed, has been awful. He has a worse arm than Johnny Damon. Advanced metrics make him look horrid. Wil Myers is getting reps in CF. There is no way you can argue this dude is blocking Wil Myers.

  • Mark, I don’t disagree with you on Dyson being awful at the plate, but you also have to consider what Dyson has projected out as in the minors. He’s also projected as a #8 or #9 hitter thats going to get on base and use his speed to steal bases.

    That being said, I’m not saying Myers is blocked by Dyson, there just isn’ta major need to rush him through Triple A. If the Royals were in contention for a division title and say Francoeur went down with a major injury, then there would be a need to pull Myers up from Omaha to fill the void.

    That all being said, I still feel Myers will be called up post All Star Break. I think with interleague play requiring Frenchy to move to center, we’re going to see French play center and Myers play right when he is called up, especially with the recent news of Lorenzo Cain going back to Kansas City to a further look into his strained hip flexor. The only reason I see him in right instead of center is because Wil has played a majority of his minor league games in right field not center (approximately a 70/30 split.)

  • Is this article a joke? Dyson “entrentched” in the OF?  The Royals wouldn’t have Myers playing CF every single day at AAA if they inteded to move him to RF upon his call-up. Dyson isn’t stopping anyone from making the big leagues, as soon as the magic date for super 2 status passes, Myers will be up.

  • Wil Myers needs to be playing every day. Period. He will not be called up until the Royals believe he will play every day. I would bet anything on it.

  • Matt, I just can’t foresee the Royals calling Myers up but also expect him to play centerfield, a spot that he’s played a total of 31 times in the minors compard to right where he has played 88 times. When Wil gets called up this season, the Royals will put him in right field for the remainder of the season. I’m not saying Myers will never play center, but I think the Royals will wait to make the change in the offseason.

    I feel the Royals are using his time in omaha right now to evaluate to see if he’s capable of playing a good defensive center field. If they figure out he isn’t, then they know going into this next offseason that they are going to either need to make a move to pick up a center fielder or go with Francoeur in center field. I personally like the idea of an outfield consisting from left to right of Gordon, Francoeur, and Myers.

  • @Corey – Giving up on Lorenzo Cain already?

  • Travis, I’m currently having my doubts about him. His knock on him when he came in the trade was that that injuries were a concern.

    Add to it that he has a hip flexor injury that isn’t healing well according to the reports that I’ve seen, which could very well mean he’s going to have to have surgery to repair it. If he has surgery he’ll be out for the rest of the season as that sort of injury has 8 week recovery time, which would put him starting a rehab assignment at the middle to end of August, which won’t give him but 2-3 weeks left in the pro season before he comes back. I’m hoping that when the information comes out of KC that the hip flexor won’t need surgery, but I’m having my doubts with the way the season has gone with injuries so far.

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