Grading The 2012 Royals Roster

Even with a relatively low payroll, the Royals 2012 roster still looks pretty decent.  So lets start off by looking at Kansas City’s pitchers.

Starting Pitchers B-

With a likely rotation of Bruce Chen, Luke Hochevar, Luis Mendoza, Jonathan Sanchez, Daniel Duffy. We have pretty decent pitchers but, we lack one thing an “Ace” pitcher. Almost every championship needs that star pitcher who leads the team, and that’s one thing Kansas City lacks.

Bullpen B+

The Royals 2012 bullpen shows a lot of promise, and I would have given it an A-, if Joakim Soria wasn’t injured. This might be the best bullpen the Royals  have had in years, with most of our relievers having an ERA of under 4. Also the bullpen is young with the average age of our relievers being 26.

Catching C-

With Salvador Perez and Manny Pina on the 60 day DL. Kansas City lacks a solid back up to Brayan Pena. Kansas City’s current backup Humberto Quintero has only hit .222 for the Royals so far in Spring Training. And, that is unacceptable considering he will be starting  for KC a few games a week.

Infield B+

Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, Billy Butler, and Alcides Escobar have all played rather well so far in spring training. But, Yuniesky Betancourt, and Chris Getz have played poorly. With Chris Getz only hitting .222 and Yuniesky Betancourt hitting .268. Still the infield looks very promising with Mike Moustakas at 3rd base, Eric Hosmer at 1st base, Alcides Escobar, at short stop, and Butler at DH, the infield could really carry this offense.

Outfield B

With Alex Gordon still playing like an All-star, and with both of our center fielders Jason Bourgeois, and Lorenzo Cain hitting in the high .300′s. The outfield looks absolutely solid. And, if Jeff Francoeur can play better I would without a doubt raise the outfield’s grade to an A.

Overall I would give this team a B rating

The 2012 Royals season looks bright and I predict that we will win 80-85 games. Dayton Moore has built a rather well rounded team.

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