Hello Crown Crazed! Goodbye Joakim Soria

CrownCrazed.com is Kansas City’s newest Royals website!

At CrownCrazed.com, we do things a little different than most. We love our Royals, but we don’t let our love cloud out logic… Mostly-sometimes!

We pay our regular contributors to write for us! Interested? Check this out! You don’t need experience.

In actuality, CrownCrazed.com is the re-birth of the once mildly-popular and mildly-entertaining Royals blog One Royal Way, founded by me, Travis Pflanz. I don’t want to go into too much detail or dwell too much on the past, but I was sad to see what my beloved site became after I sold the right to an up-and-coming sports blog network… Spammy, that’s what and now it is gone completely! Damn’ them… If they would have only sold it back to me when I asked…

That’s enough dwelling.

We are still in Beta (live testing) mode here at CrownCrazed.com, so feel free to let me know if you discover any issues or if anything appears to be “off”.

You will soon enough get to know the Crown Crazed team; they come from all across the country and cover all of the Royals minor league affiliates… Watch out Royals.Scout.com and Greg Schaum, here we come!

Ok I lied, a little more dwelling on the past… Way back in 2009, at the height of One Royal Way, I created a little formula I called Confidence Factor. Basically, this was a formula that showed how likely a Closer was to come into the game and retire every batter he faced. Back then, I made a bold prediction based on my data, Joakim Soria would eventually fail as a closer.

It was simple, his actual numbers were TOO good compare to his Confidence Factor. Soria was at the bottom of the MLB regarding to percentage of times he came into the game and allowed at least: an inherited runner to score, walked a batter, hit a batter or allowed a base hit. Rarely, did Soria come into the game and completely dominate.

Now, of course I do not have this data at hand… It is lost to the interwebs… But, nonetheless, I get the last laugh for any reader who remembers making fun of my formula!

Don’t get me wrong, I am sad to see Soria hit the shelf for the season, and possibly forever as a member of the Kansas City Royals, being this will be his 2nd Tommy John surgery… I thought these things were supposed to improve a pitcher? That’s what the experts say, right?

Who steps in? Dick Kaegel of MLB.com Lists Jonathan Broxton, Aaron Crow and Greg Holland as the front-runners for the closer’s job.

My bet: Jonathan Broxton. In fact, I believe the Royals brought him to be the closer. With the problems Soria experienced in 2011, a veteran safety-valve was a necessity for the back-end of the bullpen… By the way, Borxton was toward the bottom of the MLB in my Confidence Factor, as well and he has fallen pretty hard since 2009.

Here’s to a good season on the internet and on the diamond for the Kansas City Royals!

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