Irving Falu shines in MLB debut. Luke Hochevar stinks, like every other day

I know shining and stinking are not recognized using the same sense, so I’m sure I just broke some enormous writer’s rule… Good thing for me – I am not a writer. I am a baseball fan who likes to write. See the difference?

Aiming to stay positive, let’s start with Falu

28 year-old Irving Falu made his Major League debut this afternoon at Kauffman Stadium, with his brother, mother and a few other relatives in attendance to cheer him on.

When Yuniesky Betancourt was placed on the disabled list on Thursday, Royals fans expected fan favorite, Johnny Giavotella to be recalled to the big club. Instead, the Royals decided to give Irving Falu his first shot at “the show.”

Of course, some conspiracy theorists believe the Royals simply dislike Giavotella SO much that they refuse to give him another shot… Yadda, yadda, yadda!

The trip took 10 years, but Falu finally made his big-league appearance on Sunday afternoon, starting at shortstop and batting 8th in the order, to give Alcides Escobar a day off.

Falu was up to the task, roping a triple on his first MLB at-bat and scoring the Royals’ first run of the day. In at-bat #2, Falu knocked a single, struck out in his third at-bat, then lined out to the warning track in his final at-bat. Falu never appeared flustered or over-matched in his MLB debut and played  a solid shortstop, to boot.

Welcome to the big leagues, kid(ish)!

Luke Hochevar < Kyle Davies

It is time for the Royals to cut bait with Luke Hochevar. Right now. The Royals need to field any and all trade offers for Hochevar, right now. Then, he needs to be gone before his next turn in the rotation.

Luke will NOT get any better than he is right now. How good(bad) is he, you ask?

Rustin Dodd, Kansas City Star

Luke Hochevar is now tied for the 6th-worst career ERA ever (5.45) for a pitcher with more than 100 starts. 1.Kevin Jarvis (6.03); 2.Claude Willoughby (5.84); 3.Rob Bell (5.71); 4.Bryan Rekar (5.62); 5.K.Davies (5.59); 6.Casey Fossum (5.45)

On Sunday, Luke lived up(down) to expectations – 2.1inn, 7hits, 7er, 2hr – Piss poor, as my dad would say! The New York Yankees won the game 10-4.

You may be looking and searching to find some way to defend Hochevar. If nothing else, you may be thinking that with a lower ERA, Hochevar is at least better than Kyle Davies. He’s not. 

Luke Hochevar was drafted #1 overall in the 2006 MLB draft. We’ve outlined some of the players taken behind Hochevar in the 2006 draft already, including - Tim LincecumClayton KershawEvan Longoria, Chris Perez, Ian Kennedy and local guy Max Scherzer (well kinda, Mizzou).

The #1 overall selection makes Davies better (or less worse) than Hochevar. The Royals need to do anything they can to get Hochevar off this roster now!

Who would you like to see replace Hochevar in the Royals rotation?

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