Jamie Moyer

Is Jamie Moyer Worth a Look for Royals?

I know you immediately shook your head at the title of this article but hear me out. I am not for or against Moyer suiting up in our Kansas City Blue; the thought just tickles my curiosity enough to dig into it a little more.

Jamie Moyer officially cleared waivers on Monday, leaving the 24 year veteran without a home. He leaves the Rockies with a 5.70 ERA but a somewhat respectable 3.72 ERA at hitter friendly Coors Field. I can think of a few of our pitchers who wouldn’t mind that number next to their home split. If the Royals took a gamble on Moyer and he could keep up similar numbers, he may just provide some depth to a rotation that has been stretched thin.

There are plenty of concerns with Moyer at this point; and his age not only jumps off the page, it skips and does a cartwheel. However, it seems that the organization doesn’t believe it’s time to showcase some of our young talent at the major league level and Moyer has proved he can still pitch.

Would it really hurt to give the 49 year old a shot?

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  • It’s hard with the young players, I hope Will Smith is learning something. If he has to take some beatings now to become a solid middle to end of the rotation guy down the road, I’ll take it.

  • I understand your frustration, it seems we just allow bad pitchers to continue to take the mound. I think Hoch has had enough time as well.

  • I can get negative in my own time, I want to promote the Royals and share my passion about the organization. However, that comes with plenty of frustration. I see your point though. Rex Hudler’s comment the other night was priceless…

    “Foul off all the close pitches until he gives you the cookie.”


  • I’m up in the air about giving Moyer a look.

    On the plus, he would be able to come right in and start.

    On the minus, is starting a guy that old a step in the wrong direction?

  • I think from the Royals as an organization it would be a step in the wrong direction since we are pushing the youth movement. Although I am all for production on the field, regardless of age.

  • Just making sure… You do realize how ridiculous you sound when you say Walmart is running the team, right?

  • 1 – Wikipedia can be changed by anyone who wants to make a change. 2 – Walmart actually pays people much more than many business to jobs which require little or no skill.

    Yes, Will Smith looks ridiculous on the mound.

  • It definitely is an interesting thing to think about. I would say yes–why not give him a chance? It’s not like the players we are throwing out there now aside from Chen and Paulino are pitching any better. Also, Jeff Francis was released by the Reds earlier today. Things to think about. Might help us contend this year in a horrible division.

  • @Mark – Neither of those guys will cost anything… And both could be an improvement in the rotation. If the Royals are serious about getting back in to the race… Why not give them a shot? Worst case, release them again.

  • I agree with Travis, it couldn’t hurt at this point. The Royals went out and signed 36 year old Doug Davis and he’s in AAA at the moment, he had a horrible last 2 years but we felt he was worth something. Why not Moyer?

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