Joakim Soria’s Surgery is a Success

According to the Kansas City RoyalsDr. Lewis Yocum at the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic in Los Angeles, experienced no complications during Royals closer Jaokim Soria’s latest Tommy John surgery, performed on Tuesday.

Tuesday marks Soria’s 2nd Tommy John surgery, the first in 2003 performed by the procedure originator, Dr. Frank Jobe.

Asked recently about performing the surgery a second time on the same patient, Jobe said:

When you have to have it the second time, you do worry a little bit more, and there’s a couple reasons for that. One, you might be someone whose connective tissue is not quite as quality as the other guys who have gotten it just once and it held up. The other thing is, he might have gone back to pitching too soon. You can’t be sure, though

Soria’s second TJ surgery has me worried. I’m wishing the Royals had dealt Soria in 2010, when he was a hot commodity.

Soria has successful Tommy John surgery | Dick Kaegel /

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