Jonathan Broxton on the move?

There have been some recent rumors about Royals fill in closer Jonathan Broxton being moved. The team that seems to have the most interest in the 28 year old righty is the New York Mets.

We have been told that the Royals are only interested in locking up some SP at least through the 2013 season. Everything I’ve read on Broxton so far is that he likes Kansas City, and he may be signing a longer term deal. However, I would hope this doesn’t deter Royals Management from making a move if the right one does come along.

I personally think the Royals don’t need Broxton anymore this season, this team hasn’t proven they can contend. With the return of Joakim Soria next year, the bullpen would be a little crowded as it is.

The Mets current closer Frank Francisco is on the DL but hasn’t fared too well this season (3 blown saves, 4.97 ERA, 1.59 WHIP). Broxton on the other hand, has given us fans a heart attack every time he has jogged out from the bullpen. Despite his stellar ERA (2.14), he has been shaky in nearly every save opportunity. Still, you can see how a team like the Mets would have great interest in a guy who has proven he can still shut the door. They are in the race this year, but I doubt they will go all in on a guy like Broxton.

I am quite skeptical about any dealings right now, I believe we are all still hung over from the Sanchez trade.

Will the Royals move Broxton? Should they move Broxton?

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