Matt Cain Perfect. Are No-Hitters Getting Boring?

Wednesday night, San Francisco Giants was perfect on the mound against the Houston Astros. Cain also struck out 14 Astros in the Giants’ 10-0, tied for the most strikeouts in a perfect game.

Cain’s perfect game marks the 22nd in MLB history and the second of the 2012 season. Philip Humber tossed a perfect game  on April 21st against the Seattle Mariners.

Cain’s perfect game also marks the fifth MLB no-hitter in 2012: April 21- Philip Humber, Chicago White Sox v. Seattle Mariners, May 2 – Jered Weaver, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v. Minnesota Twins, June 1 – Johan Santana, New York Mets v. St. Louis CardinalsJune 8 – Kevin Millwood (6 IP), Charlie Furbush (2/3 IP), Stephen Pryor (1/3 IP), Lucas Luetge (1/3 IP), Brandon League (2/3 IP), Tom Wilhelmsen (1 IP), Seattle Mariners v. Los Angeles Dodgers.

Of course, every perfect game and no-hitter comes with a few great defensive plays and the most notable from Cain’s perfecto came in the 7th inning with RF Gregor Blanco in a dead sprint diving catch on the warning track.

There have been great catches in MLB history, but to me, none are better than those which preserve perfection. I rank Gregor Blanco’s catch #2 all-time, next Dewayne Wise’s home run stealing catch in the 9th inning of Mark Buehrle’s perfect game in 2009.

The second half of this article’s title is a bit sarcastic, as I am a huge fan of great pitching performances, but it sure is difficult to believe there have already been two perfect games and five no-hitters thrown in the MLB in 2012… It’s only June 14th!

Would you rather watch a pitching duel or a slugfest?

  • Leland Jones

    I would much rather watch a great pitchers duel, of course lately I am rooting for some slugfests so the Royals put up some runs. I was at the Mendoza v Greinke game and I was glued to my seat the entire time, and the time I got up to grab a beer he lost the no hitter on the grounder to third. I do think things are changing, I saw that he had a perfect game in the 8th before going to sleep and woke up with no surprise when I read about it. There was even an article on ESPN about Mariners fans leaving before their no hitter was complete. Crazy.

  • Andy Goldblatt on Facebook

    Gregor Blanco, another player not good enough for the Royals, but good enough for an upper echelon team…………