Multi-team trade looming for Kansas City Royals?

This guest post stems from a conversation that began on Twitter when @CrownCrazed asked the question “Why is everyone so upset Johnny Giavotella will not be the every day starter?  I am upset Christian Colon is not yet in the majors. He was supposed to be on the fast track”

Here is the Twitter conversation that preceded this email from Matt, which we have transformed into a guest post. Thanks, Matt.

- Travis Pflanz

The Twitter Conversation

@grumpyoldmatt‘s Thoughts on Royals Potential Transactions

With guys going to the DL and an overworked bullpen, managing the 25-man roster has become quite the juggling act.  If you’re not a very good juggler, like me, your method of juggling becomes that of simply throwing the balls as high as you can to buy yourself some time while you try to figure out how the heck you’re going to keep juggling.

That works for a few tosses, but it’s not sustainable.  At some point, everything comes crashing back down.  Right now, I see Dayton Moore throwing lots of balls really, really high, and he’s going to have to figure out how to catch them.

The move to call up Johnny Giavotella to replace Jonathan Sanchez on the active roster puzzles me.  Is middle infield/backup-DH-when-DH-is-backup-1B really a need that Dayton had to address?  Chris Getz has been solid in an everyday role, and in two appearances Irving Falu looks like a pretty good backup at both SS and 3B.

When Yunieksy Betancourt comes off the DL, some tough personnel decisions will have to be made with 4 players (Yuni, Getz, Gio and Falu) trying to squeeze into 2–maybe 3–spots.  The maybe 3 depends on the pitching staff.

Will the rotation find it’s groove in the next couple of weeks?  If so, we can continue with 12 pitchers and keep 3 of the 4 infielders.  If we’re still trying to figure things out with Luke Hochevar, Jonathan Sanchez and the long relievers, it’s pretty likely we go back to 13 pitchers and have to do something with 2 of the 4 infielders.

The fact that Gio is now a “right handed option” makes me wonder if the Royals don’t have long term plans for him as an everyday player.  If Gio is “the” guy, then over the next couple of weeks Ned needs to ease him back into that everyday role.

Getz’s recent performance demands that we either play him everyday or trade him.  It’s OK to make an unproven guy like Gio an everyday player to see what he’s got, but it’s not OK to bench a steady guy like Getz in the process.  And let’s face it, when will Getz’s trade value be higher than it is now?

Sure, we’re not going to get much for him individually, but in the right package with the right teams (plural), we might be able to turn Yuni’s sore ankle into a decent pitcher.

Getz and Jeff Francoeur (and a player to be named later) go to a team that needs a little defensive help to for a post-season run, the contender sends a couple of prospects to a lowly team with a good pitcher, and the lowly team sends their pitcher to KC.  Kind of crazy, but hey, I loved all the crazy sets of circumstances in the TV show 24 (at least the first few seasons).

It’s a little early for something like that to happen…we don’t know who all the contenders are yet.  And more importantly, we don’t yet know which teams THINK they are a position player or two away from contending.  As much as I like Getz, the best thing he can do for us is get us a pitcher.  Dayton just needs to keep the balls in the air long enough to make that happen.

Hope I didn’t make you feel sorry for asking my thoughts!

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  • I don’t think your scenario is too far out of whack. I could definitely see the Royals packaging two  solid defensive players in exchange for a pitcher… The problem: What really would be the level of pitching to come back in the deal? Not too great, I fear. A #4?

  • I’d take a #4 over Jonathan Sanchez right now.

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