Official MLB Twitter Hashtags and Accounts

When asked by new-comers to the Twitterverse, “Why should I use Twitter? I already use Facebook”

My #1 response is

On Facebook, you talk to people you know about things you don’t care about. On Twitter, you talk to people you don’t know about things you do care about.

I believe that is a pretty accurate response.

The BEST use of Twitter is to talk sports and to get sports information. No longer do I sit around waiting on Sunday morning during football season to find out if my stud fantasy football running back will start or sit with his toe injury – I do a simple Twitter search for his name, and wait for the updates to roll in.

The same is true for daily MLB lineups… And there’s nothing better than being able to talk to fans of your team on game day, no matter how far away you live from your team’s home city.

For any new-comers to the universe of Twitter

  • Hashtag (#): Used to imbed a topic of your comment into your message. The term must be preceded with a # symbol. You can use anything you like as a hashtag, but if you’re the only person using it, it won’t do much good. Use this to talk ABOUT a team.
  • Mention/Reply (@): @ followed by a users name signifies you are talking directly to the user. They will be notified via email or Twitter client of your message (if they choose to do so). Use this to talk directly TO a team. Note that unless your comment or question is extremely well thought out or relevant to the masses, you will probably not receive a reply.

If you’re like me, and watch many games and follow all MLB teams, here is the official Major League Baseball list of team Twitter profiles and team hashtags.

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  • Thanks for compiling this list, very nice. I thought I’d also see our  favorite #Royals hashtags … #Hos … #CountryBreakfast … #P90Rex … :)

  • Thanks for the Royals hashtags. I wanted to keep the list in the article to “official” hashtags and accounts used by MLB.

    I would love to see more of your favorite baseball related hashtags.

    #TheMooseIsLoose – Mike Moustakas


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