Quality Starts and Quality Starts Plus (QS+) with No Decisions/Losses 4/16 – 4/22

Another week has passed in the MLB and one of the most amazing Quality Start No Decision performances ever from a pitcher… errr… PITCHERS took place, which can only help to bolster my case that fantasy baseball websites should find a way to reward a pitcher quality start that results in a loss or no decision.

Last Wednesday, against the San Francisco Giants, Cliff Lee tossed 10 innings of no-run ball. Lee also struck out seven Giants. Nearly as impressive, Giants starting pitcher, Matt Cain, struck out four in nine innings of no-run ball. Ultimately, the Giants won the game 1-0 in 11 innings.

How did I miss this game?!

On to the Quality Starts and Quality Starts Plus (QS+) with Losses/No Decisions for April 16 – April 22. View all MLB Quality Starts.

The second installment of this article shows some very interesting stats.

As expected, Percent of Quality Starts NOT QS+ is a few points higher, and the percentage of QS+ as wins took a jump.

As well, MLB pitchers got even better the past week, taking 47% of all starts at least 6 innings with 2 or less earned runs or 7 innings with at least 3 or less earned runs.

Also expected, the gap between the percentage of a standard Quality Start as a win and the percentage of QS+ as a win widened considerably. From 3/28 -4/15, there was not much difference between the percentage of QS+ as a win and QS as wins, with only a 2.64% difference. In the past week, the QS+ received a win more than 70% of the time, compared to 51% of the standard QS.

On the season, 11.67% of all QS are NOT QS+ and 47.08% of all quality starts result in a Loss or No Decision.



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