Royals organization doesn’t understand anatomy behind throwing a baseball

Royals fans, today we finally have the reason the Kansas City Royals have been completely inept and unsuccessful in developing starting pitching in the organization.

Simply put, Royals officials do not understand the process of the human body throwing a pitch. Well, they didn’t understand it until team officials met with  fire-baller 19 year-old Baltimore Orioles prospect, Dylan Bundy prior to the 2011 draft.

About a year ago, as last year’s draft loomed, Dylan Bundy, his father and five officials from the Kansas City Royals were sitting around the Bundy kitchen table at their home, which is on 15 acres “out in the country with the cows,” Denver says, in northeast Oklahoma. The Royals, who were picking fifth (the Orioles would draft Bundy a slot earlier), were serious about taking the righthanded phenom who went 11-0 with a 0.20 ERA and 158 strikeouts over 78 innings in his senior year at Owasso High. But they also had deep concerns about Bundy’s unconventional pitching program.

“They did not like Dylan throwing long toss,” says Denver. “They were discussing the way he throws, how he shouldn’t throw on a long arc. Dylan and I were sitting there, just listening. And then, at some point, Dylan just took over. He took over the whole conversation, talking about specific muscle groups, why he does what he does. Before the session was over, he was teaching them about how the shoulder really works. They were in awe.”

There we have it.

Bundy was drafted #4 in the draft by the Baltimore Orioles and fellow long-tosser, Trevor Bauer, was drafted #3 by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Nearly a year removed from this anatomy lesson, the Royals look to implement this new knowledge as they look to develop pitchers in the farm system…

It is still unknown if the Royals will implement the long-toss, but knowing how a throw actually works is a big step in the right direction when signing players whose primary job is to throw a ball.

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  • I am flabbergasted and don’t know what to say.

  • Now, I am sure it is more of a father being positive on his son… And the organization was probably more likely in “awe” because a guy who is so young has a complete grasp on how his body works and cares about the long-term ramifications of playing the game.

    Nonetheless, it made for a nice opportunity for a short rant.

  • I tend to believe their “awe” was over the combination of his age and his knowledge.  I refuse to believe that he taught them how the human body works to throw a baseball.  If he really did that, I’m becoming a fan of the Washington Generals.

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