• Paul Torlina

    I’d rather watch the DH hit than an incompetent pitcher up there at the plate. I don’t care about the lost “extra strategy” by having the pitcher bat. Get rid of it. No DH would have shortened the careers of some great hitters we got to watch play, including our own George Brett. I’d like to see MLB go to an NFL-style setup for scheduling. Keep the AL/NL intact but treat them as conferences and play everyone more often. You play all MLB teams 4 times: 2 at home, 2 on the road (116 games). You play all division opponents an extra 6 times each (10 games v each division opponent-40 games). For the extra 6 games, you play an extra 2 games against 3 different opponents based on strength of schedule within your conference (you would have 3 at home and 3 on the road v. these 3 teams instead of 2 and 2). DH for everyone.

  • http://kory-carpenter.blogspot.com Kory Carpenter

    Your opinion on watching a DH at the plate rather than a pitcher is fairly common it seems, Paul. It’s just interesting that attendance numbers don’t reflect that opinion. If it was created to boost attendance in the AL but it no longer does that, what’s the point?