The Moose is Loose Mike Moustakas Royals T-shirt

“The Moose is Loose” Mike Moustakas Royals T-shirt


When I arrived home yesterday afternoon, I was pleasantly greeted with my brand new “The Moose is Loose” t-shirt waiting at my door.

I came across this shirt in a Twitpic (on Twitter, of course) last week, and I had to have one! I love the style. It is simple, yet creative… and features a Royals hitter batting over .300.

I had to wear it right away, of course. So, I donned the shirt, snapped a Twitpic (follow @CrownCrazed while you’re over there) and went on my day. Then, out to the bar to watch the Royals take on the Indians in Cleveland. The Royals were in Cleveland, I didn’t go to a bar in Cleveland…

Now, I know nothing about fashion and I wear what I want and what I like. Apparently, everyone likes this shirt as well… Five compliments on the evening, ranging from a younger woman to an old man. Nice! The t-shirt transcends age and gender.

The shirt, itself, is a basic tee, but a bit softer, not that hard uncomfortable 100% cotton. For me, this was pleasant surprise.

Lastly, let us not forget… The Royals won the game 8-2, snapping a 12 game losing streak!

Now, I am not a superstitious person by any means, but it can’t hurt if I wear the t-shirt again tomorrow, can it?

Join me in fending off Royals losing streaks and get your own “The Moose is Loose” t-shirt!

The Moose is Loose Shirt | Steve & Dane, eBay

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