Time for the Bobblehead Era to End in MLB. Sorry, Roy Halladay

First and foremost, bobbleheads are stupid. 

I don’t care enough to look back into the history of bobbleheads or the history of bobbleheads used as giveaways or sold by Major League Baseball clubs, but it is now officially time for the the bobblehead era to end in baseball.

The reason? created a bobblehead of the best pitcher in the game over the last ten years… And completely fucked it up!

Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Roy Halladay, winner of two Cy Young Awards and eight time All-Star, was completely massacred in’s latest attempt to make a buck.

What’s Wrong with Roy? 

  1. First, and most obvious, Roy is a bobblehead… Ridiculous in its own right
  2. Next, Roy is OBVIOUSLY a left-handed pitcher? (Halladay is actually right handed)
  3. Roy uses a left leg-kick as a left-hander
  4. Roy’s head is on backwards, if he is a left-hander
  5. Roy’s head has someone else’s face on it!
  6. Roy’s name is misspelled… No, actually that’s the one correct thing about the bobblehead

 Do you hate bobbleheads as much as I do?

The Worst Bobblehead in History Concerns Roy Halladay | i want to go to the zoo with roy halladay.

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  • Ha that is terrible. Bobbleheads fell out of favor before in baseball and if they keep making mistakes like this then it will happen again. Maybe the same people quality checking the bobbleheads were the ones proofreading the Nationals’ jerseys.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if the biggest problem your rotation faced was whether a bobblehead of your ace was made correctly instead of if Luis Mendoza or Will Smith should start against the Yankees?

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