Weekly Awards: 4-29-12

Last week I held a silent protest against the Royalslosing streak by refusing to hand out any weekly awards. I’m sure many of the players were devastated. It seems my protest worked, though, as the Royals have righted the ship to some degree and won three straight. Let’s get to the awards.

MVP: Mike Moustakas

This was actually a tough choice. Both Alex Gordon and Billy Butler had big hits but I went with Moustakas. Moose had 10 hits and an on-base percentage of .500. I’ve also been surprised by Moustakas’ defense this season, even though he did have an error this week. Honorable mention goes to Gordon, who finally let me breathe when he belted his 9th-inning 3-run home run against the Indians in the game that snapped the losing streak.

 Cy Young: Luke Hochevar

Hochevar wins this for being the winning pitcher in the game that ended the losing streak. His line won’t blow you away, but he was solid and took his team into the 7th inning: 6.1 innings, four hits, two earned runs and three walks with four strikeouts. Hochevar never had “THAT” inning which seems to haunt him, and when he avoids “THAT” inning, he tends to put up strong numbers.

 The “I Wonder if he can keep this up” Award: Alcides Escobar

Escobar hit .286 this week, with three of his six hits being doubles. He seems to have spurts where he hits like this, but if Escobar can be  a consistent threat as a hitter, the Royals might be able to put enough runs on the board to erase that horrible losing streak.

 The “Fireman” Award: Aaron Crow

Crow had another strong week out of the bullpen. He pitched 4.0 innings, gave up two walks while striking out three and recorded two holds. I’m still in the camp that wants to see what Crow can do as a starter, but I can appreciate a dominant reliever.

The “Don’t tease me, bro” Award: Jonathan Broxton

I don’t know what to make of Broxton. He went 3.0 innings, gave up three hits, a walk and an earned run but also struck out two while recording two saves. The optimist in me wants to believe he can be a great closer again. The beaten-down fan in me can’t forget that 12th-inning in Oakland. Don’t tease me, Broxton.

 The “Hank Aaron” Award: Billy Butler

Butler lead the Royals in both home runs (three) and RBIs (7) this week. Butler may say he wants to play in the field, but there aren’t many DHs that do a better job than Billy.

 So where does this leave us? With Saturday’s rain out, the Royals finished the week 3-3 and are 6-14 on the season.

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