• http://travis.pflanz.me Travis Pflanz

    It’s funny… I was watching the Oakland telecast of the game and the announcers said they wouldn’t be surprised to see Eric Hosmer steal 30 bases this year and that his attempted steal of 3rd was a good move (although it failed) against Milone.

    Either these guys know more about Hosmer than we do, or they’re idiots… I’m not ruling either out.
  • Papa Will

    Along with all the being thrown out stealing…  I noticed the effort on making the double play by Escobar (to stop the inning – and stopping the A’s runner from moving to 3rd and later to score the winning run) was not there. Because a runner is coming to slide into second doesn’t justify the shortstop from making the throw to 1st for the double play.  Playing it ‘safe’ the way Escobar did ultimately was the telling tale. No desire to win. No desire to make the play. While Mendoza overall did well, his willingness to walk batters also did the Royals in.  Pena deserves alot of credit for stopping some badly thrown pitches in the dirt.