Will Ned Yost Make It To The End Of The Season?

While the Royals are 3rd in the Al Central with 3 wins and 4 loses. The question still remains, that if the Royals do not reach .500, will David Glass and Dayton Moore fire Ned Yost. I believe that they will have to fire him, to save the franchise. I don’t think the Kansas City Royals can handle another losing season. If we only win 71 games, like last year, he will not be back next year. I know we have made progress under Ned Yost, but we still have had 2 losing seasons under him. Or maybe we can take another losing season if he improves the team and wins 75 games. Also another possible scenario that could happen is that Dayton Moore could get fired instead of Ned Yost.

What do you think will happen to Ned Yost if the Royals have another losing season?

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