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    I am always optimistic heading into a new season. You’ve hit it on the head – 3B, 1B, RF and CF are crucial for the Royals in 2013. Now, this is in NO way support for Jeff Francoeur, but few people realize his 2nd half was better than Mike Moustakas’ (Yes, they both really sucked).

    I was a fan of ALL the “big” off-season moves the Royals made… Dave Cameron at Fangraphs, however, was not – Rating the Ervin Santana signing, the Jeremy Guthrie signing and the James Shields/Wade Davis trade all in the top ten worst MLB off-season transactions.

    The 10 Worst Transactions of the Off-Season

    I have always been a fan of Santana. I like the innings he eats and the fact he doesn’t get intimidated on the mound and he can strike batters out.

    While I was eager for Wil Myers to arrive in KC, I am much more excited to acquire a legit MLB ace. The Royals have fallen victim all too often to the “sure thing” at the plate falling short. Alex Gordon, while good, is still short of prospect projections and we’ve already discussed Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas. Throw in Wade Davis, who was sent to the pen in 2012 because the Rays’ rotation was SO stacked. I will take a #1 and #4 in the rotation for ANY offensive prospect.

    The Jeremy Gutherie signing may have been my least favorite of the three deals, but I think this signing was important for Dayton Moore. Finally, he took a chance on a player nobody wanted and it appeared to pay-off. Putting the cash to reinforce his decision will give him a big boost in approval with the fan base if Guthrie starts the season hot.

  • Paul Torlina


    Here is how I look at Guthrie (maybe it is a bit messed up but it works for me).  We traded Melky Cabrera to get Jonathan Sanchez to upgrade one spot in our rotation.  Then Sanchez was a disaster whom we traded in exchange for another disaster in Guthrie, who proceeds to show up and pitch like his old self and be the best pitcher in our rotation over the second half of the season.

    So we traded Cabrera, who then got a PED suspension, and in exchange got a pitcher who was an above average MLB starter (and our best starter) for a few months-matching most of his career stats once he got to KC.  Then we signed him to a 3 year contract.

    If this had worked out with Sanchez, and we had signed him to an extension, would you have been happy?  I’m not saying Sanchez=Guthrie in any way, only making the point that the Royals got what they wanted out of the deal.  They traded Cabrera and got a risky pitcher for the next 4 seasons (counting 2012 as one of the 4) who fills a spot in the top 3/5 of the starting rotation.

    I’ll take that anyday.  Until Guthrie sucks or gets hurt and makes the contract look awful (crossing fingers for next couple of years).