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The 2014 Royals are 1981 Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was an instant success story as a young child.  He was quickly recognized as an incredible talent with huge potential as a member of The Jacksons/Jackson 5 in the early 1970′s.  He experienced some success from the get-go, but there was still uncertainty about his solo career.  Would he outgrow his voice when hormones got Keep Reading

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This year’s Kansas City Royals are 2014 Justin Bieber

Spring Training is upon us and “hope springs eternal” at this time of the year in every Major League Baseball camp.  Everyone had a nice offseason, worked hard to strengthen his core muscles, is in the best shape of his life, completely changed his diet, really got his swing back by going back to what Keep Reading

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Billy's BBQ Sauce

Eric Hosmer has reached “stud” status

About six weeks ago, my buddy Cardinals Fan was in KC visiting for a long weekend.  The two of us sat down and talked baseball with our buddy Jayson and the Royals’ summer of excitement was the topic of conversation.  At that time, the Royals were fresh off their losing streak heading into the All-Star Keep Reading

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Is Aaron Crow a Bust?

You may remember Aaron Crow’s amateur career.  Stud starting pitcher at the University of Missouri.  He was a high first round draft pick for the Washington Nationals in 2008 (9th pick) but they were unable to sign him and he went back into the draft in 2009.  The Kansas City Royals grabbed him with the 12th pick Keep Reading

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Are the 2013 Kansas City Royals really just Zack Siler?

Today I stumbled across the following post on a Kansas City Royals message board that I frequent: “Just remember when the team started 18-11 a few years back, how good that felt, then reality set in and the true Royals showed up…it could still all fall apart.” This is perhaps the most difficult war that Keep Reading

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This man is a pessimistic about the 2013 Royals

2013 Kansas City Royals: Pessimist Edition

There are a lot of Kansas City Royals fans who are excited for 2013.  The possibility of contending for the division title, a wild card spot, or at least breaking .500 for the first time in 10 seasons has them ready for April 1st.  The man pictured above is not one of them.  There are Keep Reading

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Hope for the Royals in 2013 (no, seriously)

Spring Training is here!!!  Royals pitchers and catchers have reported and the rest of the squad is due in late this week.  As they say in Major League Baseball, hope springs eternal.  Every team has a chance for hope-even if they lost 100 games the previous season.  There are constant examples of worst to first Keep Reading

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Sometimes a girl is SO hot you'll put up with the worst things about her....

Luke Hochevar is the Hot Girl You [Dated] Back in the Day

This just in…..Luke Hochevar sucks.  This also just in…….the Kansas City Royals are a bunch of god-damned idiots.  I could just stop there and you would nod silently and go about your day. Instead, let us delve into the latest chapter of whichever of those first two statement you think should be the title of Keep Reading

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Did the Kansas City Royals just become… SMART?!!!!

Today we learned that Melky Cabrera has been suspended for 50 games for violation of the MLB performance-enhancing substance policy for having tested positive due to elevated testosterone. One cannot help but wonder if Dayton Moore (or someone else within the Kansas City Royals organization) had knowledge of Cabrera’s use of PEDs last season when Keep Reading

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2012 Trade Deadline, The Kansas City Royals, and Ludacris

“In this life, one thing counts.  In the bank, large amounts.” Prior to the 2011 season, the Kansas City Royals’ minor league system was rated as the best in the history of the entire galaxy since it was formed by [insert name of the supreme deity you follow on Twitter these days].  In terms of Keep Reading

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