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Tuesday MLB Mailbag: Reds Fan’s Lucky Day

  We have a condensed mailbag this week. Send in your questions for next week HERE. How about that Reds fan catching two home run balls the other night? -Jay in Kansas City My first thought was “one in a million,” but the ESPN show Numbers Never Lie tells us the odds of catching two Keep Reading

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

A History Lesson in Baltimore

Baseball is amazing isn’t it? Watch it long enough and you’re bound to see things rarely accomplished or even things that have never been done before. This past week at Camden Yards in Baltimore, the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles provided some additions to baseball’s record books with feats that have only happened a handful Keep Reading


Royals organization doesn’t understand anatomy behind throwing a baseball

Royals fans, today we finally have the reason the Kansas City Royals have been completely inept and unsuccessful in developing starting pitching in the organization. Simply put, Royals officials do not understand the process of the human body throwing a pitch. Well, they didn’t understand it until team officials met with  fire-baller 19 year-old Baltimore Keep Reading

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