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Top MLB Rivalries of 2012

For more than a century, Major League Baseball has been home to some of the most competitive and long-lasting rivalries in the history of professional sports. Whether it’s the legendary rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, or more modern rivalries between expansion teams, the league is full of hometown pride Keep Reading


Could Josh Beckett Become a Kansas City Royal?

Josh Beckett is currently throwing a 5.97 ERA with 2 wins and 4 losses. That is not good enough, when you are making 17 million dollars a year. This could mean that the Boston Red Sox could cut Josh Beckett. Josh Beckett is also under heat because he said he was hurt and skipped a Keep Reading


Royals Tickets 3rd Largest Price Jump in MLB

The Kansas City Royals are definitely trying to make local fans believe 2012 is the season the Royals will contend for a playoff spot. Using their “It’s Our Time” campaign and the All-Star game, the Royals organization have also passed on a hefty hike in ticket prices on to fans. Compared to 2011, the Royals Keep Reading

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