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The 2014 Royals are 1981 Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was an instant success story as a young child.  He was quickly recognized as an incredible talent with huge potential as a member of The Jacksons/Jackson 5 in the early 1970′s.  He experienced some success from the get-go, but there was still uncertainty about his solo career.  Would he outgrow his voice when hormones got Keep Reading


The Royals Are A Broken Record

It’s been really hard to try and pick something to write about when it comes to our beloved Kansas City Royals. I have been struggling mightily with a topic that is worth writing about. I just got back from a much needed week vacation and I can safely say I only checked scores a couple Keep Reading


“Running it deep” is not allowed in Kauffman Stadium

Pathetic as this post is, more to come tomorrow, as I am writing from the car, in search of the next adventure of the evening.


Kansas City Royals slogans and the Watson’s Girl

About 10 years ago, when it became clear that the Kansas City Royals were doomed to a long path of shitty-ness (I think that is a word), it wasn’t a whole lot of fun to be a Royals fan.  Sure, the ballpark was nice and the tickets were cheap.  There were always those two prospects Keep Reading


A Night at The K with the Luis Mendoza

It was the first Royals game I attended this year, and a favorable pitching matchup. I was looking forward to watching Felipe Paulino in person for the first time this year.  I realized something was wrong as I crossed through the towering gates of Kauffman. Luis Mendoza was warming up and I scrambled to find Keep Reading


A Royals Fan for Life

This is a lifetime contract. Being born in 1985 was no coincidence. It was a special year for me and the best year in Kansas City Royals baseball history. So how was it that a kid from Omaha, Nebraska (home of the beloved Omaha Royals, check that Storm Chasers? A topic for another day…) became Keep Reading


Kauffman Stadium’s Fountains not among “MLB’s Coolest Ballpark Features”

The USA Today relaeased a slideshow of  ”MLB’s coolest ballpark features.” Missing from the list: The world’s largest privately funded fountain, located right here at the City of Fountain’s own Kauffman Stadium. Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium features a fountain that stretches 322 feet horizontally, from left field to right field and has a 10 foot Keep Reading

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