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Bud Selig will have to usher baseball through an era unlike any other.

Impending Irrelevance of the Hall of Fame

As the Roger Clemens perjury trial reaches its ultimate conclusion, baseball is witnessing the end of an era. Roger Clemens is one of a litany of players who dominated baseball with never before seen power, aggression, and strength as performance-enhancing drugs permeated throughout America’s past time. Baseball reached new highs as records were broken, fastballs Keep Reading


Royals Fans shouldn’t Expect too much from Hochevar

Remember way back in 2006 when the Kansas City Royals draft Luke Hochevar #1 overall? Remember the hype from the Kansas City sports community? Hochevar was first drafted in 39th round of the 2002 draft, 1,191st overall, by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Luke decided to go to college, attending University of Tennessee. Hochevar was later drafted in Keep Reading


Six Years, $127.5 Million for Matt Cain

In the second big contract announced in the MLB on Monday, the San Francisco Giants give Matt Cain a six-year, $127.5 million deal. In all, the the deal could be worth up to $141 million. The contract is the richest in MLB history for a right-handed pitcher. The only larger contracts for pitchers were CC Sabathia, New Keep Reading

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